BUFX111HEX5 5” Heavy Yellow Cutting Pad

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  • Yellow Quantum pad removes heavy and severe swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and water spots from painted finishes
  • Pair Yellow pads with heavier compounds like V32 or V34 for fast defect removal
  • Most efficient and advanced polishing pads on the market
  • Quantum Physics design maximizes surface contact, reduces and disperses heat, and reduces wear and tear on machine and pad
  • Race Face tapered profile increases pad surface area and stability while reducing wear and tear from heavy-handed polishing techniques
  • Precision Port vent hole releases heat and reduces stress from the center of the pad
  • Breathable backing attachment conducts airflow and heat more efficiently than older pads
  • Hex-Logic surface grooves spread product evenly and conform pad to contoured surfaces
  • Improved adhesives and manufacturing techniques ensures a strong bond that will not detach backing attachment from foam pad

Remove the most severe swirls, scratches, water spot etching, and oxidation from painted surfaces

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